The individual lettering

Individual created logos and legends support the appeal of a message in a significant way. They are authentic, distinctive and worldwide unique!

This website is directed to all creatives, designers and art buyers, which are looking for an individual lettering for their brand.

An individual lettering can communicate the personality of a trademark in unique way. With its structure and curving it tells a story of the trademark and can trigger a „want to have“-desire in sales. A lettering can transport trends, moods and sensuality. A well done crafted lettering is communicating uniqueness.

You may know this situation: You have designed and implemented a great concept for a campaign. The design and the claims are great. Everything seems to be perfect, except …

The choosen font is not convincing! Neither of your standardized fonts delivers the optimal lettering. You cannot find a convincing font designer in a trice. As from now on you don´t have this problem anymore! You are about to get to know the right specialist, who is there for you in a professional, quick and reliable way.

With an attractive handemade lettering you create a visual unique idientitiy which can include the outfit, packaging and naming. Book now …

development of letterings
draft and digitalization of logograms and letters
solutions exactly as briefed
years of expertise in leading positions as AD, CD and CEO, prices in line with the market ...

You will receive exactly the desired lettering for your campaign, your trademark, your message. Write a letter or mail.

Best regards from Heidenheim
Bernd Weser

Get inspired

Examples of my work

Like the musical background in a movie, a well crafted lettering supports destinct feelings and creates pictures in the mind of the spectator. It unreveals specific memories of things far gone, connecting them with positive associations and feelings. The individual appearence of an attractive lettering can transport associations of feelings like luxury, pure joy and indulgence.

Logo / Trademark for a Restaurant


Logo / Trademark for a Restaurant

Brush lettering for a charity event.

Karibische Nacht

Brush lettering for a charity event.

Free quill feather lettering. Title of a travelagency


Free quill feather lettering. Title of a travel guide

Logo development and digitalisation

Pam Fix

Logo / Trademark development and digitalisation

Font-composition designed with a brush

Zu Tisch bei Sinn und Sinnlichkeit

Font-composition designed with a brush

Logo / Trademark for a Restaurants


Logo / Trademark for a Restaurant

Brand of a trading company designed with brushes

Scarpe shoes

Brand of a trading company designed with brushes

Logotype for a trading company


Logotype for a trading company

Handwritten lettering for the brand of a Pasta-Restaurant

Al dente

Handwritten lettering for the brand of a Pasta-Restaurant


And this is how it could happen:

  • Kontaktaufnahme

    Getting in touch

    Monday morning 9:00 h:

    You are feeling a little bit of tension – you have to present your project in one week. You did a great job so far but that certain something is still missing: Maybe a handmade lettering … you contact me.

  • Entwurfsphase

    Concept phase

    Monday, 15:00 h:

    I start my work after the briefing and the mandatory regulations and maybe I already email you some initial drafts.

  • Optimieren

    The Optimization

    Tuesday, 15:00 h:

    The choice has been made. You have picked a shape and discuss further details with me!

  • Digitalisierung


    17:00 h:

    The choice of the hand drawn drafts it digitized and optimized.

  • Finish


    You incorporate my work into your layout and your project thrills your clients the next day on a full scale!

Bernd Weser

certified graphic designer and signature graphic artist

Bernd Weser - Schriftgrafiker

About me

Study 1982 - 86 at the Johannes Gutenberg School in Stuttgart i.a. under Professor Robert Förch and Manfred Sayer (signature graphic designer and creator of about 80 alphabets). Study of the scripture graphic work of Professor Friedrich Poppl and his student Gottfried Pott and the work of Walter Brudi. Continuously held responsible positions as AD, CD and CEO.

Special passion: Authentic Font and design, type design, the design of characters, the design of lettering and authentic Calligraphy, hand writing created documents, penmanship by hand, creating sketches and designs, logos and word figurative marks, the exclusive development of logograms, design marks and individual hand writing fonts. In addition the monitoring of digitizing and perfection of handwritten font designs. The active development of hand-written headlines and handwritten slogans and trademarks from sketch are further disciplines. Above all, the passion for a more aesthetic and more personal way of contacting people.

Bernd Weser - Schriftgrafiker


Bernd Weser · Anton-Wengert-Straße 21 · 89520 Heidenheim · Germany
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